Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Taximan's Story by Catherine Lim

This taximan is engaged in a rather one-sided conversation with his passenger, whom he adresses as Madam. The setting of the story , madam is a teacher and is rushing for a meeting. So, the taximan goes on and on about how the younger generation of Singapore aon how they were lied to their parents by stating that they have a school activity while the truth is that their child is off enoying themselves in the company of their European or American boyfriends, which the taximan claims are  rich. He also states a personal experience as evidence, with his daughther being one of the Singaporean youth, but in the end, the irony would be evident.

This story is about the taximan criticizes young people of our generation for being too immature by hanging out at places like Hotel, Bars and many more while he still goes there to make an easy living in some what kind of a hotel that is a popular spot to earn more money. This is an act of contradiction, and instead of  practicing what he has preached, he has gone against his stand and decides to put money and making a living over his own beliefs and mind-set. This story is very realistic as it touches on how fast Singapore has advanced, be it for the better or the worse, just like how the current youths of Singapore have been learning from older generations more quickly. This is realistic as it narrates a current affair of Singapore.

The story tells more about on how young people of Singapore have grown to be bold and reckless, as compared to the early youth of the Singapore, differences of the early taximan generation and how making a living in Singapore has overcome the need to stand up for our own beliefs and make a stand to whatever opposes us. If were going to compare the teenage life of the Singaporean teenager to the Filipino teenagers, Filipino teenager knows how to respect their parents and they or we know what is good and bad, but if were going to talk about the Singaporean teenagers, they will just think for their own good instead of going to school they spent time with someone they can get some money.
I could not relate my life with the story, but this is story strike my attention, because we all know that in our generation today, we can say that some of the teenagers were really trying to disobey their parents in order for them to have something what they want or just to follow their own selves even thought they know that it is wrong.


  1. All of the parents gave their sacrifices just to set their children in a good condition but sometimes there are some children who neglect what are their parents' sacrifices just to set them in a good condition.
    This story was being centered to the taximan itself and on how the young generation of today acts and behave due to the influence of the modernism of our times now.
    Mary May should give further details about her realization of the story and on how the story struck her interest.

    But generally speaking, the story is indeed a good one.It gives me a lesson to pursue with my ambition and to strive harder for my parents because they are the one who nurtured me to become a complete and value-laden individual. It also reminds me that I should value them for all the sacrifices they have done for me.

  2. I agree with Kim, the story is indeed touching, its one way of reminding us, daughters and sons that we need to treasure our parents especially to consider their sacrifices just to raise us. Being ambitious is not bad but if we don't know how to handle and understand the situations that's the time we are craving for more attentions and wants, just try to imagine how our parents sacrifice their time to earn more money to send us in a good school and to provide our needs. Somehow this literary piece made me realize how important the word UNDERSTANDING is, and to be thankful to have a wonderful parents that mold me to be a value-laden individual. :)

  3. If we will focus on taximan, I can conclude that in one way or another, we are like him. There are many things that we contradict but often do it not just because of negligence but of habit. We hate people who do not keep their promises but we are not also keeping our promises. We hate latecomers but we are also guilty being this kind. A LOT OF THINGS are happening every day that if we can just notice, we are just eating our own words/philosophy just like the taximan.